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Best Winter Golf Deals in Norfolk 2017/18

As the winter season approaches, golf clubs have started to launch their winter pay and play deals to continue to attract visitors as the weather turns against us.

Triple Bogey have scoured Norfolk for the best deals on offer for the amateur golfer who wants to continue playing throughout the winter, and would like to benefit from some great value golf deals.

Below is a breakdown of our top Golf deals:

Barnham Broom Golf club

18 Holes of golf and an all day breakfast for £24 per player. Time restrictions apply **October Offer**

Swaffham Golf Club

18 holes of golf, with food package from £24 per player

Bawburgh Golf club

18 Holes of golf, coffee and a bacon roll £22.50 per player or £80 for 4 players

18 Holes of Golf, and a 1 course lunch, £25 per player or £90 for 4 players

2 Ball and a buggy £40 after 12pm.

Diss Golf club

18 holes of golf, including a 1 course meal from a set menu £29 per player. Tuesday to Fridays

Gorleston Golf Club

18 holes of golf, including full breakfast on arrival or 1 course meal and coffee after (choice of 3). £28 per player- excluding bank holidays

Wensum Valley Golf Club

18 holes of golf, bacon roll & Coffee £18.50

18 holes of golf , bar meal from the winter warmer range and a driving range token £22.50

Further deals will be added as they are launched. Please contact the golf clubs directly to book and for further details

T&Cs will apply, please check with the individual clubs directly for current availability of these offers.

100- The Worst Number Ever!

When you’re trying to break 100, you score lots of different things. 128 was my worst. Lots around 110, and more recently I have been stuck around the 105 mark. Then I played Swaffham last Wednesday and the worst score of all occurred. 100

You see, I should be really really happy about this score. It is after all the best score I have ever shot. However, for some reason this score is still, days later, bugging the hell out of me.

My front 9 I shot a 49, which I was pleased to recover after an 8 on the 2nd. I really don’t know where that came from as I parred the par 5, 1st hole. A hole which has been my nemesis every time I have played Swaffham. Im not even joking. I have scored a 12 on it before.

I rushed my 2 foot put on the 9th, as I needed to pop in to the club house to use the facilities before the back 9. I was even told by my playing partners to slow down, and take a breath. I didn’t. I missed it. That’s the difference for me between saying I broke 100, and I shot 100 exactly!

To rescue that score I shot some very good holes, including more pars than I have ever shot in a round- just in the front 9.

The back 9 was much more consistent. No horrendous holes, and some more pars. But still a 51. What really frustrated me was that yet again as I walked hole 17, which is up hill, I was shattered. Physically, I was drained, mentally I was started to fade slightly. I didn’t know how close I was to breaking 100- I didn’t want to check. Maybe I should have; it might have focused me- Or it might have crushed me with the pressure.

My tee shot on the 17th was good- it was also my 86th shot of the round. 17 & 18 are par 4s. 18 quite a long par 4. I had 2 holes which were in contract to the previous 7, terrible. I shot 7 & &. I should have at least shot 2 X 6. I was playing well enough for that.

Overall my analysis of the round is I should have shot 6s where I shot an 8 and a 7. This would have bought me to 97. A score I should have been pleased with. Writing this is making me more angry about it.

However, the positives are. This was my second stapleford win. I scored 35 points, and beat second place who scored 31. [an 18 handicapper]. I did post a new best score. There is progress. I am still slicing my irons- at times horrendously for some reason.

The driving range awaits on Wednesday. The 8 iron is coming out alone and I will be hitting some great shots to get that iron play back at the level I know I can achieve.

The progress continues. I am now considering clubs to join next season as I want to start competing.



3 things getting me to sub 100

Golf is a tough game.

Consistency is key; I’ve learned that over the last 6 months of playing. As my game begins to become more consistent and predictable I have been able to pinpoint the 3 things that have helped my scoring start to rumble towards 100. In fact every game recently has seen a marked improvement in my score by several shots and I am confident I am only a couple of rounds away now from breaking 100.

For all those learning and improving I want to run through those 3 things and how they have helped me (and might do you)

1. Confidence in my swing. The more I have practiced my swing the more innate it has become. Following the Coaching on the mechanics of the swing I have put in a lot of time on flexibility and enabling my body to move the way it needs to. I have become slightly more flexible, but overall I am swinging much smoother and with less thought than before which means I can swing quicker (and therefore hit the golf ball further) than I was previously. This is adding distance to each shot, especially off of the tee or with the hybrid from the ground. All in all giving me a chance at hitting greens on par 4s that are a bit shorter in 2.
2. Understanding how far I can hit each club- but especially the wedges. Brad (my ever suffering golf coach) and I performed a tapping task. I know the distances I can hit certain shots. I have them written down and can refer to them during play. This really helps as I am hitting a lot more greens from 150 inwards, and particularly not over shooting them. I have also now bought a 52 degree wedge which is really helping with the chipping around the green. I’ve still not chipped in yet but I am getting closer.
3. Putting. This was something I was never too bad on. In fact I placed my reading of the greens down to a mid-spent youth on tiger woods golf on the PS1& 2 (yes I am older enough to have played the PS1). But I still 3 put quite a lot. My last game I didn’t 3 put once and I put in 1 a few times too. The tactics and practice of chipping around the green (50 yards and in ) has really helped. It’s got me closer and made putting easier. However the skill of judging the distance and Brads explanation of looking at the hole on the practice stroke rather than the ball has helped immensely.

My last round was 106. Frustratingly I had an 8 on a very wet par 3. Has that of been a 5 or even better I would have gone sub 105 for the first time ever and been very close to 100. My front 9 was 50 and a very tricky and wet (lots of rivers and lakes) back 9 was 56. Overall 32 points of a 28 handicap. I was really pleased with the round and like I said right at the beginning I feel sub 100 is not far away.

Fitness For Golf

So I’ve been working on my golf game a lot recently and one of the things from my lessons with Brad that has become evident is that flexibility and strength through the range of motion in the swing is a weakness in my game. Improving it will improve distance and control. So I sought out some advice and have been speaking with a guy called Brandon Palmer from the US, who has kindly shared some thoughts below.

Ill pass across to Brandon to explain.

What is it that you are chasing? Are you pursuing a better golf game to earn bragging rights over your father in a friendly game around the links? Are you chasing that ever so shiny and elegant trophy for the Club Championship at your local course, or is it something much greater than that. Are you chasing a legendary record of 20 Major golf victories? The truth is each and every golfer has a driving factor in which he or she fantasizes about in order to skyrocket them to the next level of play and accomplish their goals. My name is Brandon Palmer, I am a golf and fitness enthusiast with a passion for teaching and motivating others in their golf journeys. You can find me on Instagram (@balance_performance) representing both amazing companies such as, TeebagzInc and Vice Golf. In my guest blog post I will be discussing some simple strength and mobility exercises as well as some mental enhancements.
In order to maximize results and get the most out of any effort put in to improve the game there must be dedication. A big key to improving the overall longevity and performance of ones golf game are the hours dedicated to strength and mobility. My absolute favorite mobility drills come from an outside source, Vahva Fitness. Personally I have tight or “locked” shoulders so Vahva’s (Active Tension for Shoulder Mobility) suits me well along with many other videos of his. Those movements include: – Prone overhead swings -Probe press with bar -Prone bar pulse – Prone isometric hold – Prone overhand and underhand dislocations -Standing dislocations. These exercises are done in the prone position to target the shoulders and their surrounding muscle groups. As for the strength side of the game which is also becoming more important due to equipment and player advancements, I focus on full body workouts dealing with explosive movements, time under tension, and HIIT cardio.

Golf is not a game of aggression, overloaded power, and bronze. Golf is made of finesse, precision, and peak mental clarity. So, being able to bench or curl mass amounts of weight may be beneficial in other sports but in my opinion it is not needed in golf. What is essential would be the workouts focusing on strong core, legs, and shoulder muscles. Now, those are just the three big groups, no muscle group shall be excluded. Flexibility, mobility, and overall strength would be useless without a strong mental mindset so that’s where I turn to Dr. Bob Rotella, author of “Golf Is not a Game of Perfect”. If you are serious about improving your golf game I would suggest picking up this book.

In conclusion, golf is a game that can only be improved, never mastered and I believe that’s why so many people gravitate to the game. For more information on flexibility and mobility search Vahva Fitness on YouTube, for some amazing golf products head over to and!! Lastly, for more in depth descriptions on golf and fitness education head over to @balance_performance on Instagram.

~ Brandon Palmer

Michael back again.

As a side note you really need to check out Brandon on instagram; the guy has got some serious videos with a ridiculously good swing – the only question is can he perform in the freezing Norfolk wind and rain ? We might need to invite him over to see.

If you’re looking at improving your golf fitness check Brandon out online – he has some great advice for all abilities ! He really knows his stuff – even if he does use Zs instead of an S 🙂

Round report coming later for my awesome round at dunston Hall

Pitching ? Chipping? Pipping!!!

I’ve been really busy recently so the blogs have slowed down. Unfortunately so has the volume of golf played. Since my last blog I have played at Barnham Broom again on the hills course, scoring the exact same as before, however this time was like playing in a hurricane! The wind was phenomenal and a real challenge. My front 9 was horrendous, but recovered with a rather spectacular [for me] 15 points on the back 9. [Only got 8 on the front 9]. A few pars, and a few really good drives- with the hybrid still, but pleased with what appears to be some progress.

I had a lesson today with Brad- which has been a couple of weeks in coming. Of all the lessons, I enjoyed this one the most. Before I run through what we did I would like to explain why.

I don’t play golf every day. Im not sure I would still enjoy it as much if I did. I don’t have the enthusiasm for sport that I did as a child who could dedicate every lunch break, after school hours, weekend and waking hour to play sport [Football at the time- and I wasn’t too bad either]. Golf demands dedication and time. As a mid-30s business owner, with a young family time is a commodity that is difficult to come by in the volume required to progress in golf at a rate that my patience generally expects. Brad is excellent as a coach. He takes me through everything I need to be doing in my pre-shot routine. My issue is I really am impatient and rush these things- because I just want to be playing the game. But this game requires me slow down, and follow the process. But seriously, can I just get better at this game quickly please!

What I learned tonight, will undoubtedly knock shots off my round instantly.

We worked on not only how to hit shots from approx. 80 yards in to 20 yards [so around the green, and over bunkers] but we assessed exactly what shot, and with what club I  should play from what distance. This is what I really like about the tech that Brad uses. It enables me to now know if I am 55 yards out I need to play a max pip sand wedge. I have all the distances recorded, and over time they will become memory, but I can now know confidently how to play most shots from 80 yards or closer, and if hit cleanly, get within 2 putt distance on the green.

We played a couple of holes after this on the sim, and typically I ended up off the green by 60-75 yards. A common distance for me. Having these shots in the armoury enabled me to get to 2 putt distance confidently- which meant that I would get a 5 or possibly a 6, on holes I would typically be scoring 7s and maybe 8s.

I still have a load to work on and need to practice these shots over and over. A round or two in the coming weeks will definitely help. I am feeling really pleased with today’s lesson and more confident- I now just need to get custom fitted for a driver, and learn how to hit that 200+ yards!


3rd time not so lucky

In the valley – Barnham Broom

Back to Barnham Broom again today and the weather was fantastic! One of the nicest days of golf I’ve played.

I had a lesson with Brad earlier in the week and whilst I won’t bore you with all the specifics it turns out I can’t even breathe properly. That’s how bad at golf I currently am!

The lesson was mainly around not only breathing patterns a technique to calm you down, but also not breathing in the swing. Real focus was around creating what I can only describe as a calm before the storm. The calm being that feeling before you start the swing and the storm being smashing the ball forwards. It’s clear there is an art to it as I found concentrating on the process very distracting, quite unnatural for me and as such it didn’t quite come together as I’d imagined.

We agreed we would play together today. We were both going to be at a business networking event and Brad puts the teams together so placed us in the same 4 ball

What was nice is that it wasn’t a lesson. It was a few hours on the golf course playing golf. Sometimes enjoying it too. There was some good, a lot of bad, but most importantly Brad got to see what I am actually doing and get an idea of the things we need to continue working on. I get the feeling the list is long!

My score for the day was a frustrating 117. 5 shots worse that last week however a back 9 which recovered a horrendous front 9 was a highlight of the day.

I hit some great shots and some shockers. I putted ok. Quite a few 2 putts when I eventually got there. A par on a par 4. So some good to take from it but plenty going in the mental note book from Brad’s point of view to work on. We both agreed whilst many of the tee shots are straight I need more length on the drive and we need to get the driver in play soon. A 200+ yard drive, if straight changes the whole dynamic of my game. The practice I’ve put in so far is giving me a 7/10 chance of hitting the green from 100-125 years with the 8 iron  much further back is less likely currently. Therefore I need to be putting myself in a situation where I can at least get around the green in 2 shots. This means a decent straight drive.

I’ve played the valley course 3 times in the last month. So I thought it would be interesting to see what my best score on each hole added up to. It turns out – not too bad.

I be documented it below but a front 9 54 and a back 9 46 gives me exactly the 100 I’m seeking. I clearly gave the ability – I just need to bring it together in one round!

655566597 54
774563446 46


Another lesson next week. I’ll update you then.

Barnham Broom – the Valley-take 2

So after a couple of lessons and some range practice I was ready to take on the valley course at Barnham Broom again. I was full of enthusiasm and ready to se a new record score. Previously I’d got an 8 on the long par 5 1st hole. Should be easy to beat that – pretty sure I’ve got this golf thing sussed out.

Nope: 10; a bloody 10. The first tee shot was a mess. I know it was bad- so much so I can’t actually remember where it went but needless to say it wasn’t very far. It took 2 more shots to get to where the tee shot should have ended up. A frustrating start to say the least.

What I’m most happy with however was how I managed to just move on. Clear my mind and start afresh on the next hole, because what followed was actually quite good for a few holes.

Hole 2 was a good tee shot and a good second to lay up before the large pond in front of the green. An 8 iron over the pond and the trees saw me well placed on the green in 3 on a tricky par 4. A 2 put and I was back in the game. Hole 3 was more of the same with a bogey 5.

A bit of a blip with a 6 on a par 3. My tee shot fell well short and the subsequent chip was horrendous. An opportunity lost in hindsight as a 4 would have been well received here.

A 6 and a 5 followed and then came one of the holes of the day. Hole 7 is a par 3 which is as high above the hole as it is away horizontally. Amazing hole. All 3 players in my group parred the hole. All 3 hit the green in possible birdie territory. I was very pleased with this. I think I let it go to my head as I was promptly bought back down to earth with a massive bump losing 2 balls in to the water and recording my second 10 of the front 9 on what is now my nemesis hole 8.

I finished the front 9 with a 6 on the par 4. Going out in 56. Not overly terrible- but 2 holes where 6 shots could definitely have been saved.

The back 9 bought no fewer challenges but I was more consistent. A 7, 7, 6 on a par 5 ,4 ,4 respectively saw an ok start. Then came the hole I’ve been most proud of to date. I really struggle on par 5s. Especially really long ones which I just can’t seem to make the distance in few enough shots. Like sometimes it 6 before I’m on the green.

Hole 13 was my coming of age. I hit a great tee shot. I mean I use the hybrid and I out drove both guys with their drivers. My second shot with the hybrid was hit sweetly and took me inside 150yds. This is so rare for me on a par 5 I wasn’t sure what do next. I’d been practicing loads with the 8 iron and I felt at about 130 this was my time. I hit an amazing shot which hit the green in regulation. Trying to forget I was putting for birdie I got my first put very close leaving me a tap in for par. I was very very pleased with this.

My next tee shot was hilarious and the worst of the day. It seemed to follow suit my excellent performance was followed by ridiculous and horrendous shots. However I did recover to shoot a 6 on the par 4 and a 5 on the tricky par 3. (I had parred this previously).

I found my first sand of the day on hole 16 which I parred before but this time saw a clumsy 7 on a par 4. Another very high to low par 3 followed and my shot just didn’t carry the distance this time leaving me a lot to do and scoring a 6 again on a par 3.

Final hole I was tired and hungry. I shot a 7 on the par 4. It should have been a 5 it’s not a difficult hole.

Overall back in for 56 as well. Total 112 which was a record but to say I’m disappointed not to not just break 110 but really push towards 100 is an understatement. There were some silly errors and some drops in concentration which I added up over the game cost me at least 7 shots.

I am playing the same course next Thursday and I am determined this time I go under 110!

Lots learned and lots to take from the round. A few frustrating holes aside it is still my best score to date.

Let it go!

Lesson number 2

Yesterday I had my second lesson with Brad at Suburban Golf Norwich. You may have seen the short video I put up on Facebook and instagram showing what we were working on.

In essence we were still constructing the swing. It wasn’t that I had forgotten everything from 2 weeks ago it was just that over time I had slipped back slightly on a few things.

The lessons started with a recap which was good. Especially as I had slightly amended the training drill subconsciously and that needed tweaking back to the correct form.

We discussed the club choice for training and whilst I had a terrible time with my 6 iron during the week and was keen to use that to practise a little guidance from Brad on the training plan and the fact we need to use a club that I am comfortable with to start off with- to build the swing and the confidence in the swing, meant we reverted to the 8 iron for the training.

Brad explained the practise swing drill that I need to go through every shot. With a 3 point reminder. This is what the video is all about on Facebook if you’re interested.

1. Core muscles (belly) facing the opposite way you want the ball to go. (Obviously via rotation of the torso)
2. Left hand level with right shoulder
3. Holder at the top for 3 seconds
4. Then swing through and try and graze the ground with the swing.

Through out the lesson I had varying success. The video, which was done in one take, was actually quite good. However even when I watch it back I can see I am right and need to loosen up. That tightness is causing me to cut across the ball resulting in a slice at times.

The theme about half way through the lesson therefore became “let it go” and basically stay loose and really swing the club. I’m getting better at that but my flexibility is holding me back slightly.

All in all a really enjoyable lesson. Lots learned and no doubt only some will be remembered. But I’ll keep working on it. Hope it to get down the range at some point before my next round on the 9th. I’ll video the swing again if I do.



The Hills Are Alive….

…with the sound of shanking

So Friday I played Barnham Broom again; this time their hills course. Different group going round this time and the 2 guys I played with were very similar standard to myself. Overall I won the stapleford competition by 1 point, however I lost the overall shots by 1 shot. This shows you how close our games are.

The other 2 guys – one who plays a lot but hasn’t really had lessons and the other who plays maybe once a month as he is a serious cyclist which takes up a lot of his time, made me realise I need to up my game if I’m going to be able to compete in completions in 2018. These guys ran me close or beat me and they’re not having lessons. I need to practice more that’s for sure!

My overall score was 114 so a shot lower than the previous week. That said, whilst it is of course progress, the hills course did not seem as challenging as the valley. In fact I would rename them- the hills; the slope and the valley; the mountain! Therefore it won’t be until the 9th when I play the valley again that I can see if there is any real progress.

Overall I had a couple of holes which killed my chances of being sub 110 – my first goal.

The first 4 holes were amazing. A 5,4,5,6 which were Bogey holes and culminating with a double bogey. The best start I have ever had. What followed was frustration. An 8 on a par 5 a bogey 4 (thought I’d recovered it) and then a 10 followed by a 9 on a par 5 and par 4 respectively. 59 on the way out which was just annoying as it could have been so much better had I not have lost the plot on holes 8 and 9.

The back 9 was more consistent. However a 6 on a par 3 was not a fun hole and an 8 on a par 4 were mainly down to bad choice with shots. I tried to play a 6 iron out of some heavier rough and just ended up going in deeper, not the best decision. Some poor putting also held me back at times. 55 shots on the way in. That consistency over 18 holes is needed to beat 110.

Overall from inside 150 yards my iron play was better. I hit the ball cleaner and further with the adjustments from the lesson with Brad a week or so back. In fact my 8 iron shots were very good and when hitting the hybrid off the tee (I’m avoiding the driver still) I was straight and a decent length.

Still an enormous amount of work to do to break 100 consistently this year but lots of time to do it and pleased to be chipping away at that total score.

I really like Barnham Broom and whilst I won’t be joining a club just yet as I like to play at different locations and experiences different courses, i will be playing Barnham broom valley and hills course quite a lot as it is very close by and the facilities are fantastic.

Lesson with Brad tomorrow with some video going live on instagram and Facebook (probably some on YouTube too)

First Round in the Valley

Barnham Broom is now my new favourite course. I have to say it is immaculately looked after, the course itself is a challenge but not ridiculous, and there were some really attractive holes.

I played the valley course instead of the hills on Friday. Don’t be fooled- to get in to or out of a valley there are some quite ridiculous hills. On one quite amazing par 3 we estimated we were vertical as far as we were horizontal from the hole. Whilst this all screams get a buggy, golf for me is also exercise and escape from behind the desk. The walk is nice – even if every course in Norfolk that’s a bit hilly puts a ridiculous 17th that you need a helicopter to get up just to physically push you to the limit.

I played with Rob an 18 handicap and Hayden a golf pro. Playing stapleford, I tried to agree my handicap at 36 – not too much luck there but did get 2 shots a hole and 1 on the par 3s. This at least gave me a shot if I put everything in to play I’d practiced earlier in the week.

The front 9 was a challenge. I’d been rushing to make the tee time and although wasn’t late i hadn’t really got my head in the game. That said I scored on 6 of the 9 holes but did have a 8,9, and 10 in there.

The back 9 was a different story. I’m not sure if I just relaxed and got in to the new swing – maybe loosened up and had more flexibility, I’m really not sure. There was some really good golf. Including 2 gross pars back to back.

I went out in 63 shots for 11 points. Actually not horrendous on points. I can back in for 52 shots and 20 points which goes to show the improvements are coming along. If I could match that for 9 holes I am starting to get towards that initial breaking 100 challenge.

Shots of the day were: tee shot on the par 3 hole 15 through a narrow gap in two trees over some no mans land, on to the green With 6 iron (Hayden used a wedge ffs!) I parred this hole.

The second shot on the par 4 hole 16. Blind shot over a brow of a hill on to the green about 6 foot from the hole. I also parred this hole and for the first time ever 2 consecutively.

Some real wins to take out of my round at Barnham. If I can relax and enjoy it from the start I think I can really start to push the score down.
I’m back there on Friday playing the hills course.

Hayden won the stapleford competition but I came 2nd by only 2 points. Rob, a typically solid golfer lost a lots of balls in the water today. I only lost 1 which I hit no more than 10 yards in front of me in to thick lush grass for it never to be seen again.

That nicely brings me on to my recent purchase. UV glasses to help find golf balls. They work if the ball can be seen. If it is in really think grass you have no hope. For £18 they were worth a punt but I didn’t see the benefit today. That could have been because I didn’t go in to the rough too much or because when I did it was buried – so the jury is still out in these.

some range time planned next week as well as the Hills at Barnham broom. Stay tuned to see how I’m progressing