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Don’t lean back!


And So it Begins… 

So this is the first blog post of Triple Bogey. Named so as that is my current most common score. 

I’ve been playing golf now on and off for a few months and have finally decided to commit to getting a proper handicap. This blog will document that journey – however long it may take and then onwards from there all the way to scratch? Maybe. 

I’m currently not a member of a golf club but over the coming weeks will be trying out a lot of courses across the Norwich area and deciding on one I would like to join. I’ll be writing my reviews of the courses and outlining my decision in a future post. The courses in the frame are; 

Dereham. My most local golf course however only a 9 hole course. I could walk here in 10 minutes or be there in 3 in the car. 

Bawburgh. About 25 minutes away towards Norwich. 

Swaffham. About 25 minutes away in the opposite direction towards kings Lynn 

Barnham broom. Also about 30 minutes away. Well established local club.

Plenty of fairly local course to me as you can see with plenty of others a little further a field into Norwich. 

So my journey towards a handicap really started on Tuesday when I went and spent sometime with a golf pro I was introduced to at a golfing network event.

I under went a  professional golf fitting to see how my swing works with my cobra Bio Cell clubs and to get some ideas on what to work on and improve. The list was substantial, but very much needed. 

Hayden typically coaches tour professionals so was in for a particular treat today with my skills!

My main concern was because I am fairly short (5″ 4) that the clubs may need amending and shortening to make the swing more efficient. Hayden gave me a few things to work on – none of which involved altering the clubs at all which was good news- although he did question my decision to go for carbon shafts. However he was impressed with my shopping skills. See the deal I got on the in the bag page. 

The 4 key things I was given to work on and we practised on in the session. 

·  Grip down the shaft slightly. Approximately 1 inch down so the lines at the top of the golf club can be seen out the back of the grip. This small change made the swing feel much more comfortable and the contact on the ball was better immediately. My posture was better and overall it get more comfortable swinging the club. 

·  Don’t lean back. I think this is a very common newbie error. Subconsciously to get the ball in the air I lean back and the weight shifts to my right leg and not my left (I’m right handed) and as such I take a chunk of ground or in this case mat, which was interesting, and the ball goes nowhere fast or far. Hayden had me practice the swing explaining that the plane of movement and transfer of energy and weight is similar to other sports like tennis and I should imagine throwing a ball. That transfer of energy through the throw is similar to the golf swing. 

·  Follow through and look up. My swing initially involved me keeping my head down and not following through. I wasn’t pivoting and getting up on to my right toe at the end. All of this is really connected to the leaning back as well. Concentrating on this movement of rotation and follow through helped get a better connection and longer distance on the shot. 

·  Slow down. I had a tendency to swing very fast on the back swing throwing everything I’d set up out of align on the forward swing. Slowing down and having a more controlled swing has helped. 

Overall like I said earlier I’m sure Hayden hadn’t seen anything he hasn’t a thousand times before but his advice has helped set up the foundations I needed to get started. 

We rated my swing a 5 out of 10 when I left with me receiving a text this evening from him with the expectation we get it to a 7 by the time we see each other again which will likely be towards the end of the Month at a golf day. 

The aim is to play once a week and do some practice on the range at least once a week. The goal is to break 100 by the end of the summer. (End of September). 

What I liked about the golf pro session was there was some expectations set for improvement along with some accountability to get there. However the realistic understanding that you don’t go from 1 to 10 over night and you need to be a 2 before a 3 etc. 

Next round is on Thursday at Dunston Hall.  I’ll post an update and my round card then. 


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