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First Round in the Valley

Barnham Broom is now my new favourite course. I have to say it is immaculately looked after, the course itself is a challenge but not ridiculous, and there were some really attractive holes.

I played the valley course instead of the hills on Friday. Don’t be fooled- to get in to or out of a valley there are some quite ridiculous hills. On one quite amazing par 3 we estimated we were vertical as far as we were horizontal from the hole. Whilst this all screams get a buggy, golf for me is also exercise and escape from behind the desk. The walk is nice – even if every course in Norfolk that’s a bit hilly puts a ridiculous 17th that you need a helicopter to get up just to physically push you to the limit.

I played with Rob an 18 handicap and Hayden a golf pro. Playing stapleford, I tried to agree my handicap at 36 – not too much luck there but did get 2 shots a hole and 1 on the par 3s. This at least gave me a shot if I put everything in to play I’d practiced earlier in the week.

The front 9 was a challenge. I’d been rushing to make the tee time and although wasn’t late i hadn’t really got my head in the game. That said I scored on 6 of the 9 holes but did have a 8,9, and 10 in there.

The back 9 was a different story. I’m not sure if I just relaxed and got in to the new swing – maybe loosened up and had more flexibility, I’m really not sure. There was some really good golf. Including 2 gross pars back to back.

I went out in 63 shots for 11 points. Actually not horrendous on points. I can back in for 52 shots and 20 points which goes to show the improvements are coming along. If I could match that for 9 holes I am starting to get towards that initial breaking 100 challenge.

Shots of the day were: tee shot on the par 3 hole 15 through a narrow gap in two trees over some no mans land, on to the green With 6 iron (Hayden used a wedge ffs!) I parred this hole.

The second shot on the par 4 hole 16. Blind shot over a brow of a hill on to the green about 6 foot from the hole. I also parred this hole and for the first time ever 2 consecutively.

Some real wins to take out of my round at Barnham. If I can relax and enjoy it from the start I think I can really start to push the score down.
I’m back there on Friday playing the hills course.

Hayden won the stapleford competition but I came 2nd by only 2 points. Rob, a typically solid golfer lost a lots of balls in the water today. I only lost 1 which I hit no more than 10 yards in front of me in to thick lush grass for it never to be seen again.

That nicely brings me on to my recent purchase. UV glasses to help find golf balls. They work if the ball can be seen. If it is in really think grass you have no hope. For £18 they were worth a punt but I didn’t see the benefit today. That could have been because I didn’t go in to the rough too much or because when I did it was buried – so the jury is still out in these.

some range time planned next week as well as the Hills at Barnham broom. Stay tuned to see how I’m progressing

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