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The Hills Are Alive….

…with the sound of shanking

So Friday I played Barnham Broom again; this time their hills course. Different group going round this time and the 2 guys I played with were very similar standard to myself. Overall I won the stapleford competition by 1 point, however I lost the overall shots by 1 shot. This shows you how close our games are.

The other 2 guys – one who plays a lot but hasn’t really had lessons and the other who plays maybe once a month as he is a serious cyclist which takes up a lot of his time, made me realise I need to up my game if I’m going to be able to compete in completions in 2018. These guys ran me close or beat me and they’re not having lessons. I need to practice more that’s for sure!

My overall score was 114 so a shot lower than the previous week. That said, whilst it is of course progress, the hills course did not seem as challenging as the valley. In fact I would rename them- the hills; the slope and the valley; the mountain! Therefore it won’t be until the 9th when I play the valley again that I can see if there is any real progress.

Overall I had a couple of holes which killed my chances of being sub 110 – my first goal.

The first 4 holes were amazing. A 5,4,5,6 which were Bogey holes and culminating with a double bogey. The best start I have ever had. What followed was frustration. An 8 on a par 5 a bogey 4 (thought I’d recovered it) and then a 10 followed by a 9 on a par 5 and par 4 respectively. 59 on the way out which was just annoying as it could have been so much better had I not have lost the plot on holes 8 and 9.

The back 9 was more consistent. However a 6 on a par 3 was not a fun hole and an 8 on a par 4 were mainly down to bad choice with shots. I tried to play a 6 iron out of some heavier rough and just ended up going in deeper, not the best decision. Some poor putting also held me back at times. 55 shots on the way in. That consistency over 18 holes is needed to beat 110.

Overall from inside 150 yards my iron play was better. I hit the ball cleaner and further with the adjustments from the lesson with Brad a week or so back. In fact my 8 iron shots were very good and when hitting the hybrid off the tee (I’m avoiding the driver still) I was straight and a decent length.

Still an enormous amount of work to do to break 100 consistently this year but lots of time to do it and pleased to be chipping away at that total score.

I really like Barnham Broom and whilst I won’t be joining a club just yet as I like to play at different locations and experiences different courses, i will be playing Barnham broom valley and hills course quite a lot as it is very close by and the facilities are fantastic.

Lesson with Brad tomorrow with some video going live on instagram and Facebook (probably some on YouTube too)

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