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Let it go!

Lesson number 2

Yesterday I had my second lesson with Brad at Suburban Golf Norwich. You may have seen the short video I put up on Facebook and instagram showing what we were working on.

In essence we were still constructing the swing. It wasn’t that I had forgotten everything from 2 weeks ago it was just that over time I had slipped back slightly on a few things.

The lessons started with a recap which was good. Especially as I had slightly amended the training drill subconsciously and that needed tweaking back to the correct form.

We discussed the club choice for training and whilst I had a terrible time with my 6 iron during the week and was keen to use that to practise a little guidance from Brad on the training plan and the fact we need to use a club that I am comfortable with to start off with- to build the swing and the confidence in the swing, meant we reverted to the 8 iron for the training.

Brad explained the practise swing drill that I need to go through every shot. With a 3 point reminder. This is what the video is all about on Facebook if you’re interested.

1. Core muscles (belly) facing the opposite way you want the ball to go. (Obviously via rotation of the torso)
2. Left hand level with right shoulder
3. Holder at the top for 3 seconds
4. Then swing through and try and graze the ground with the swing.

Through out the lesson I had varying success. The video, which was done in one take, was actually quite good. However even when I watch it back I can see I am right and need to loosen up. That tightness is causing me to cut across the ball resulting in a slice at times.

The theme about half way through the lesson therefore became “let it go” and basically stay loose and really swing the club. I’m getting better at that but my flexibility is holding me back slightly.

All in all a really enjoyable lesson. Lots learned and no doubt only some will be remembered. But I’ll keep working on it. Hope it to get down the range at some point before my next round on the 9th. I’ll video the swing again if I do.



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