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Barnham Broom – the Valley-take 2

So after a couple of lessons and some range practice I was ready to take on the valley course at Barnham Broom again. I was full of enthusiasm and ready to se a new record score. Previously I’d got an 8 on the long par 5 1st hole. Should be easy to beat that – pretty sure I’ve got this golf thing sussed out.

Nope: 10; a bloody 10. The first tee shot was a mess. I know it was bad- so much so I can’t actually remember where it went but needless to say it wasn’t very far. It took 2 more shots to get to where the tee shot should have ended up. A frustrating start to say the least.

What I’m most happy with however was how I managed to just move on. Clear my mind and start afresh on the next hole, because what followed was actually quite good for a few holes.

Hole 2 was a good tee shot and a good second to lay up before the large pond in front of the green. An 8 iron over the pond and the trees saw me well placed on the green in 3 on a tricky par 4. A 2 put and I was back in the game. Hole 3 was more of the same with a bogey 5.

A bit of a blip with a 6 on a par 3. My tee shot fell well short and the subsequent chip was horrendous. An opportunity lost in hindsight as a 4 would have been well received here.

A 6 and a 5 followed and then came one of the holes of the day. Hole 7 is a par 3 which is as high above the hole as it is away horizontally. Amazing hole. All 3 players in my group parred the hole. All 3 hit the green in possible birdie territory. I was very pleased with this. I think I let it go to my head as I was promptly bought back down to earth with a massive bump losing 2 balls in to the water and recording my second 10 of the front 9 on what is now my nemesis hole 8.

I finished the front 9 with a 6 on the par 4. Going out in 56. Not overly terrible- but 2 holes where 6 shots could definitely have been saved.

The back 9 bought no fewer challenges but I was more consistent. A 7, 7, 6 on a par 5 ,4 ,4 respectively saw an ok start. Then came the hole I’ve been most proud of to date. I really struggle on par 5s. Especially really long ones which I just can’t seem to make the distance in few enough shots. Like sometimes it 6 before I’m on the green.

Hole 13 was my coming of age. I hit a great tee shot. I mean I use the hybrid and I out drove both guys with their drivers. My second shot with the hybrid was hit sweetly and took me inside 150yds. This is so rare for me on a par 5 I wasn’t sure what do next. I’d been practicing loads with the 8 iron and I felt at about 130 this was my time. I hit an amazing shot which hit the green in regulation. Trying to forget I was putting for birdie I got my first put very close leaving me a tap in for par. I was very very pleased with this.

My next tee shot was hilarious and the worst of the day. It seemed to follow suit my excellent performance was followed by ridiculous and horrendous shots. However I did recover to shoot a 6 on the par 4 and a 5 on the tricky par 3. (I had parred this previously).

I found my first sand of the day on hole 16 which I parred before but this time saw a clumsy 7 on a par 4. Another very high to low par 3 followed and my shot just didn’t carry the distance this time leaving me a lot to do and scoring a 6 again on a par 3.

Final hole I was tired and hungry. I shot a 7 on the par 4. It should have been a 5 it’s not a difficult hole.

Overall back in for 56 as well. Total 112 which was a record but to say I’m disappointed not to not just break 110 but really push towards 100 is an understatement. There were some silly errors and some drops in concentration which I added up over the game cost me at least 7 shots.

I am playing the same course next Thursday and I am determined this time I go under 110!

Lots learned and lots to take from the round. A few frustrating holes aside it is still my best score to date.

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