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3rd time not so lucky

In the valley – Barnham Broom

Back to Barnham Broom again today and the weather was fantastic! One of the nicest days of golf I’ve played.

I had a lesson with Brad earlier in the week and whilst I won’t bore you with all the specifics it turns out I can’t even breathe properly. That’s how bad at golf I currently am!

The lesson was mainly around not only breathing patterns a technique to calm you down, but also not breathing in the swing. Real focus was around creating what I can only describe as a calm before the storm. The calm being that feeling before you start the swing and the storm being smashing the ball forwards. It’s clear there is an art to it as I found concentrating on the process very distracting, quite unnatural for me and as such it didn’t quite come together as I’d imagined.

We agreed we would play together today. We were both going to be at a business networking event and Brad puts the teams together so placed us in the same 4 ball

What was nice is that it wasn’t a lesson. It was a few hours on the golf course playing golf. Sometimes enjoying it too. There was some good, a lot of bad, but most importantly Brad got to see what I am actually doing and get an idea of the things we need to continue working on. I get the feeling the list is long!

My score for the day was a frustrating 117. 5 shots worse that last week however a back 9 which recovered a horrendous front 9 was a highlight of the day.

I hit some great shots and some shockers. I putted ok. Quite a few 2 putts when I eventually got there. A par on a par 4. So some good to take from it but plenty going in the mental note book from Brad’s point of view to work on. We both agreed whilst many of the tee shots are straight I need more length on the drive and we need to get the driver in play soon. A 200+ yard drive, if straight changes the whole dynamic of my game. The practice I’ve put in so far is giving me a 7/10 chance of hitting the green from 100-125 years with the 8 iron ┬ámuch further back is less likely currently. Therefore I need to be putting myself in a situation where I can at least get around the green in 2 shots. This means a decent straight drive.

I’ve played the valley course 3 times in the last month. So I thought it would be interesting to see what my best score on each hole added up to. It turns out – not too bad.

I be documented it below but a front 9 54 and a back 9 46 gives me exactly the 100 I’m seeking. I clearly gave the ability – I just need to bring it together in one round!

655566597 54
774563446 46


Another lesson next week. I’ll update you then.

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