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Pitching ? Chipping? Pipping!!!

I’ve been really busy recently so the blogs have slowed down. Unfortunately so has the volume of golf played. Since my last blog I have played at Barnham Broom again on the hills course, scoring the exact same as before, however this time was like playing in a hurricane! The wind was phenomenal and a real challenge. My front 9 was horrendous, but recovered with a rather spectacular [for me] 15 points on the back 9. [Only got 8 on the front 9]. A few pars, and a few really good drives- with the hybrid still, but pleased with what appears to be some progress.

I had a lesson today with Brad- which has been a couple of weeks in coming. Of all the lessons, I enjoyed this one the most. Before I run through what we did I would like to explain why.

I don’t play golf every day. Im not sure I would still enjoy it as much if I did. I don’t have the enthusiasm for sport that I did as a child who could dedicate every lunch break, after school hours, weekend and waking hour to play sport [Football at the time- and I wasn’t too bad either]. Golf demands dedication and time. As a mid-30s business owner, with a young family time is a commodity that is difficult to come by in the volume required to progress in golf at a rate that my patience generally expects. Brad is excellent as a coach. He takes me through everything I need to be doing in my pre-shot routine. My issue is I really am impatient and rush these things- because I just want to be playing the game. But this game requires me slow down, and follow the process. But seriously, can I just get better at this game quickly please!

What I learned tonight, will undoubtedly knock shots off my round instantly.

We worked on not only how to hit shots from approx. 80 yards in to 20 yards [so around the green, and over bunkers] but we assessed exactly what shot, and with what club I  should play from what distance. This is what I really like about the tech that Brad uses. It enables me to now know if I am 55 yards out I need to play a max pip sand wedge. I have all the distances recorded, and over time they will become memory, but I can now know confidently how to play most shots from 80 yards or closer, and if hit cleanly, get within 2 putt distance on the green.

We played a couple of holes after this on the sim, and typically I ended up off the green by 60-75 yards. A common distance for me. Having these shots in the armoury enabled me to get to 2 putt distance confidently- which meant that I would get a 5 or possibly a 6, on holes I would typically be scoring 7s and maybe 8s.

I still have a load to work on and need to practice these shots over and over. A round or two in the coming weeks will definitely help. I am feeling really pleased with today’s lesson and more confident- I now just need to get custom fitted for a driver, and learn how to hit that 200+ yards!


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