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Fitness For Golf

So I’ve been working on my golf game a lot recently and one of the things from my lessons with Brad that has become evident is that flexibility and strength through the range of motion in the swing is a weakness in my game. Improving it will improve distance and control. So I sought out some advice and have been speaking with a guy called Brandon Palmer from the US, who has kindly shared some thoughts below.

Ill pass across to Brandon to explain.

What is it that you are chasing? Are you pursuing a better golf game to earn bragging rights over your father in a friendly game around the links? Are you chasing that ever so shiny and elegant trophy for the Club Championship at your local course, or is it something much greater than that. Are you chasing a legendary record of 20 Major golf victories? The truth is each and every golfer has a driving factor in which he or she fantasizes about in order to skyrocket them to the next level of play and accomplish their goals. My name is Brandon Palmer, I am a golf and fitness enthusiast with a passion for teaching and motivating others in their golf journeys. You can find me on Instagram (@balance_performance) representing both amazing companies such as, TeebagzInc and Vice Golf. In my guest blog post I will be discussing some simple strength and mobility exercises as well as some mental enhancements.
In order to maximize results and get the most out of any effort put in to improve the game there must be dedication. A big key to improving the overall longevity and performance of ones golf game are the hours dedicated to strength and mobility. My absolute favorite mobility drills come from an outside source, Vahva Fitness. Personally I have tight or “locked” shoulders so Vahva’s (Active Tension for Shoulder Mobility) suits me well along with many other videos of his. Those movements include: – Prone overhead swings -Probe press with bar -Prone bar pulse – Prone isometric hold – Prone overhand and underhand dislocations -Standing dislocations. These exercises are done in the prone position to target the shoulders and their surrounding muscle groups. As for the strength side of the game which is also becoming more important due to equipment and player advancements, I focus on full body workouts dealing with explosive movements, time under tension, and HIIT cardio.

Golf is not a game of aggression, overloaded power, and bronze. Golf is made of finesse, precision, and peak mental clarity. So, being able to bench or curl mass amounts of weight may be beneficial in other sports but in my opinion it is not needed in golf. What is essential would be the workouts focusing on strong core, legs, and shoulder muscles. Now, those are just the three big groups, no muscle group shall be excluded. Flexibility, mobility, and overall strength would be useless without a strong mental mindset so that’s where I turn to Dr. Bob Rotella, author of “Golf Is not a Game of Perfect”. If you are serious about improving your golf game I would suggest picking up this book.

In conclusion, golf is a game that can only be improved, never mastered and I believe that’s why so many people gravitate to the game. For more information on flexibility and mobility search Vahva Fitness on YouTube, for some amazing golf products head over to and!! Lastly, for more in depth descriptions on golf and fitness education head over to @balance_performance on Instagram.

~ Brandon Palmer

Michael back again.

As a side note you really need to check out Brandon on instagram; the guy has got some serious videos with a ridiculously good swing – the only question is can he perform in the freezing Norfolk wind and rain ? We might need to invite him over to see.

If you’re looking at improving your golf fitness check Brandon out online – he has some great advice for all abilities ! He really knows his stuff – even if he does use Zs instead of an S 🙂

Round report coming later for my awesome round at dunston Hall

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