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3 things getting me to sub 100

Golf is a tough game.

Consistency is key; I’ve learned that over the last 6 months of playing. As my game begins to become more consistent and predictable I have been able to pinpoint the 3 things that have helped my scoring start to rumble towards 100. In fact every game recently has seen a marked improvement in my score by several shots and I am confident I am only a couple of rounds away now from breaking 100.

For all those learning and improving I want to run through those 3 things and how they have helped me (and might do you)

1. Confidence in my swing. The more I have practiced my swing the more innate it has become. Following the Coaching on the mechanics of the swing I have put in a lot of time on flexibility and enabling my body to move the way it needs to. I have become slightly more flexible, but overall I am swinging much smoother and with less thought than before which means I can swing quicker (and therefore hit the golf ball further) than I was previously. This is adding distance to each shot, especially off of the tee or with the hybrid from the ground. All in all giving me a chance at hitting greens on par 4s that are a bit shorter in 2.
2. Understanding how far I can hit each club- but especially the wedges. Brad (my ever suffering golf coach) and I performed a tapping task. I know the distances I can hit certain shots. I have them written down and can refer to them during play. This really helps as I am hitting a lot more greens from 150 inwards, and particularly not over shooting them. I have also now bought a 52 degree wedge which is really helping with the chipping around the green. I’ve still not chipped in yet but I am getting closer.
3. Putting. This was something I was never too bad on. In fact I placed my reading of the greens down to a mid-spent youth on tiger woods golf on the PS1& 2 (yes I am older enough to have played the PS1). But I still 3 put quite a lot. My last game I didn’t 3 put once and I put in 1 a few times too. The tactics and practice of chipping around the green (50 yards and in ) has really helped. It’s got me closer and made putting easier. However the skill of judging the distance and Brads explanation of looking at the hole on the practice stroke rather than the ball has helped immensely.

My last round was 106. Frustratingly I had an 8 on a very wet par 3. Has that of been a 5 or even better I would have gone sub 105 for the first time ever and been very close to 100. My front 9 was 50 and a very tricky and wet (lots of rivers and lakes) back 9 was 56. Overall 32 points of a 28 handicap. I was really pleased with the round and like I said right at the beginning I feel sub 100 is not far away.

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