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100- The Worst Number Ever!

When you’re trying to break 100, you score lots of different things. 128 was my worst. Lots around 110, and more recently I have been stuck around the 105 mark. Then I played Swaffham last Wednesday and the worst score of all occurred. 100

You see, I should be really really happy about this score. It is after all the best score I have ever shot. However, for some reason this score is still, days later, bugging the hell out of me.

My front 9 I shot a 49, which I was pleased to recover after an 8 on the 2nd. I really don’t know where that came from as I parred the par 5, 1st hole. A hole which has been my nemesis every time I have played Swaffham. Im not even joking. I have scored a 12 on it before.

I rushed my 2 foot put on the 9th, as I needed to pop in to the club house to use the facilities before the back 9. I was even told by my playing partners to slow down, and take a breath. I didn’t. I missed it. That’s the difference for me between saying I broke 100, and I shot 100 exactly!

To rescue that score I shot some very good holes, including more pars than I have ever shot in a round- just in the front 9.

The back 9 was much more consistent. No horrendous holes, and some more pars. But still a 51. What really frustrated me was that yet again as I walked hole 17, which is up hill, I was shattered. Physically, I was drained, mentally I was started to fade slightly. I didn’t know how close I was to breaking 100- I didn’t want to check. Maybe I should have; it might have focused me- Or it might have crushed me with the pressure.

My tee shot on the 17th was good- it was also my 86th shot of the round. 17 & 18 are par 4s. 18 quite a long par 4. I had 2 holes which were in contract to the previous 7, terrible. I shot 7 & &. I should have at least shot 2 X 6. I was playing well enough for that.

Overall my analysis of the round is I should have shot 6s where I shot an 8 and a 7. This would have bought me to 97. A score I should have been pleased with. Writing this is making me more angry about it.

However, the positives are. This was my second stapleford win. I scored 35 points, and beat second place who scored 31. [an 18 handicapper]. I did post a new best score. There is progress. I am still slicing my irons- at times horrendously for some reason.

The driving range awaits on Wednesday. The 8 iron is coming out alone and I will be hitting some great shots to get that iron play back at the level I know I can achieve.

The progress continues. I am now considering clubs to join next season as I want to start competing.



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