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What’s in the bag

So I started with a real starter set. Slazenger all in one set.

I recently however upgraded these to the following:

Irons: Cobra Bio Cell Plus

Driver: GX7 X Metal

Fairway woods & Hybrids: Cobra Bio Cell plus.

Why all Cobra, well basically I found a really good deal online for the Bio Cell Plus range, packaged together in to a full set, which I was able to buy altogether with a c.60% discount off retail price. The Cobra Bio cell plus irons, and woods came with really good reviews for beginners, and as such for upgrading was well worth the investment.

the GX7 was a punt to be honest. I thrill anyone who has ever googled anything to do with golf or clicked a golf link on Facebook would have had the adverts placed in front of them. As a shorter golfer the shorter shaft appealed as did the slightly higher loft. I’m learning with it but I’m much more controlled than the driver I had previously.